Find your path in and out from the Crypto World

We provide AI based P2P and OTC settling solutions for digital assets trading and transactions

Mate Club

A new P2P paradigm, Mate Club is a system that allows generating spaces where individuals and companies can carry out direct exchange operations from Crypto to FIAT and viceversa, without need for intermediaries


Post buy or sell orders indicating only the amount, the pair and location


Real time order book generator, so you may quickly take advantage of nearby opportunities


Users may be anonymous or public, but their reputation will follow them between the different clubs, guaranteeing your safety wherever you are


You just need to add @MateSwapBot to your Telegram group, and you are ready to go!

Mate Exchange

Through our exchange, we offer multi-currency liquidity to meet the local needs of small, medium and large consumers

We have a platform for simple purchase and an interface for exports where you can use all the necessary trading tools to carry out your operations

Likewise, every user may set up a personal crypto wallet with their respective private keys and the highest safety standards in the industry

MateSwap Token

In order to create a global disruption, we are working on our own token. Features:

  • Invest in Mate Ecosystem
  • Be part of the platform's Governance system
  • Get benefits and rewards when operating with the Mate ecosystem

You can acquire the token using a decentralized exchange or through our OTC desk